Essence of Soul

About Us

Our parent company United Group of Food Consultants, was established in 2003 and has been a supplier and exporter for products to credible and reputed brands since. Initially, it dealt in bulk orders or as wholesale distributors.

In today's rapid lifestyle, our primary asset must be our health and wellness. Urja is a retail brand created by wellness enthusiasts whose ideals stem from the need to provide products which are 100% pure, organic and chemical-free; to enhance well-being - both physical and psychological. We have created a market of high-quality essentials and aim to fulfil our commitment to deliver pure natural products at a value-rich price. Our vision is inspired by ancient wisdom and is the perfect product of timeless recipes.

Urja is a brand for the masses and aims at delivering affordable essential oils to people who search for natural and effective products to use in their daily lives. We do not compromise on our standards and offer products which your family and friends can trust. Most importantly, Urja is a non-MLM essential oil company and sells directly to the customers. This means that the products our customers receive are inexpensive and accessible.

Our team of diligent workers is what sets us apart as our brand continuously strives to make a difference to your lifestyle. We wish to create a culture of caring that is unrivalled in our industry. Our staff includes professionals and researchers who are constantly working to provide you with a better experience.

Why Us

In our competitive markets, most products are contaminated with synthetic chemicals. If you are looking for something organic and unadulterated, Urja ought to be your ideal choice. You must remember that we allow you to take full advantage of the benefits that nature has to offer and so our products are authentic and of 100% therapeutic grade. The oils are directly and carefully extracted from the sources through cold-pressing, resin tapping or steam distillation.

As our customers, you will never be disappointed because we are sure to never breach your trust. We are manufacturers of products that lighten up the burdens of the quick-paced lives of common people. These help in the healing process and ensure a stress-free and vibrant life. These potent essential oils are the key to facilitating a healthy environment. Pioneers of this driven brand ensure that what reaches you is carefully sourced and is unmistakably an impeccable product. We are also determined to obtain our products in such a manner in which the ecosystem suffers no harm.

Here is why we claim that our products are worthy of use:

  • Our sources are sustainable and responsible
  • Our essential oils go through a rigorous testing process for contamination
  • We provide accessible and clear information about our product