Essence of Soul

Bulk Order

Urja is an illustrious manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a splendid array of pure and natural essential oils. Essential oils are volatile compounds that are obtained from different plant parts and are extracted through different techniques. These oils possess extraordinary healing characteristics and are therefore heavily demanded in all sectors of the market today.

Urja provides oils to all range of industries such as - hotels, foods and drinks, aromatherapy, pharmaceuticals, fragrance and flavour, agriculture and livestock, cosmetics and soaps as well as household and domestic sectors.

We are both retail and wholesale suppliers. We offer our services to companies for corporate or bulk orders at low prices and discounts. We also grant a bespoke range of exquisite gift options for all sorts of enterprises. Urja provides gifting options, along with customisations, for corporate activities and festivities. The prices for the total invoices vary according to the quantity of the order. Whereas there are over a variety of 100 types of products available for wholesale. Our supply spreads internationally for bulk orders.

Urja also sells products in a lesser number directly to customers. There are presently 10 types of essential oils available for retail. The company exports its products internationally in smaller quantities too. The prices for international shipments differ according to the quantity demanded.