Essence of Soul


Q. Is Divine Urja a Multi-Level Marketing Company (MLM)?
A. Divine Urja sells directly to customers and avoids an MLM sales model. This is the reason that our products are so affordable. We hope to develop better communication with our customers by interacting directly.

Q. What kind of water should I use in my diffuser, with Divine Urja's essential oil?
A. We recommend that you use room-temperature water. If the water is too hot or cold, water droplets may be formed by the mist.

Q. Does Divine Urja test its products on Animals?
A. Divine Urja's company policy clearly strictly states that our products are NOT tested on animals.

Q. Do Divine Urja's essential oils come from indigenous locations?
A. Yes, Divine Urja's essential oils come from plants grown in their indigenous locations, i.e. where they are grown naturally.

Q. Are Divine Urja essential oils therapeutic grade?
A. Yes, Divine Urja offers the highest quality products that are pure and meet the highest standards possible. Our essential oils are rigorously tested. We use no pesticides, synthetic chemicals or herbicides during our extraction process. We have a chain of trusted suppliers who follow all product safety guidelines.

Q. Does Divine Urja export its products internationally?
A. Yes, Divine Urja supplies its products to several countries outside India as both wholesalers and retailers.

Q. Does Divine Urja manufacture the essential oils on its own?
A. Yes, Divine Urja manufactures all its essential oils within the company. There is no second party involvement during production.

Q. Is Divine Urja a retailer or wholesaler?
A. We sell products in bulk as well as in small quantities to the public and corporations.

Q. Are Divine Urja's products 100% pure and organic?
A. Divine Urja's essential oils are the result of medicinal recipes. They are pure and offer the best benefits of nature to the buyers.

Q. Where is Divine Urja's head office located?
A. Divine Urja's head office is located in B-143, 2nd Floor, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-1, Delhi-110020 (India).